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At Mor-Dale Farms, we recycle and reuse as much as we can to ensure nothing is wasted.  This is the continous method we use. After the fall harvest, liquid manure is distributed on all crop fields to fertilize the soil. Shortly after, rye is planted on the fields for two purposes: first as a cover crop to prevent erosion, second is to be chopped and stored for forage in April. 


Once the rye is harvested there is another application of manure on the fields. During the months of April and May, corn is no-tilled into the fertilized rye stubble. That corn is harvested for silage in the fall.  Silage and forage is fed to the dairy cows in order for them to have a proper balanced diet to produce milk.


The manure is continuously collected everyday and stored in an underground tank.  When needed it is sent to the digester where the methane gas is collected. This gas is burned in an engine to produce electricity. In addition to the eletrcity required to run Mor-Dale Farms, enough additional electricity is produced to power 40-50 houses!  


This cycle continuously maintains the proper balance for the land and animals of Mor-Dale Farms.

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