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View of heifer barns

Similarly to nutrition, cows transition through different stations of housing. Each type of lodging protects the cows from outside environmental conditions. Also, each station provides sufficient area for eating, drinking, walking, and resting. 


After birth, baby calves reside in individual pens.This is located in our new calf raising facility. After about 3 days they are moved to a group pen with a few other similar age calves. They have access to an automatic feeder allowing them several servings of milk each day. They also have free choice water and grain available.


When calves are weaned, approximately 45-50 days old they live in a bedded pack pen in this same building. They have access to water and the same special grain. This stage of a cows life helps them socialize and learn to cohabitate with other calves


From 3 to 6 months of age, calves now called Heifers, are transferred  to another barn which is open on the south side. After this barn they are moved to another building where they stay untill they are pregnant. Pregnant heifers and dry cows are housed in the the new free stall barn. In this barn the maternity area is located. They are moved into large bedded pens before they have their babies so we can observe them and assit them calving if needed.


A few days after giving birth, cows are moved to the innovative new milking barn. The stalls in this barn are bedded with recycled solids which are groomed several times daily. Floors in high traffic areas are textured for better traction.


There are numerous automated features designed to keep the cows comfortable. Curtains along the sides of this insulated barn raise or lower depending on the inside temperature; additionally, the curtains can operate manually in the event of inclement weather. Fans and water misters will activate depending on the temperature to keep the cows cool. The cows have no set milking schedule due to four fully automated robotic milkers. Three alley scrapers run continuously to keep the floors clean. Food and water is available at all times to keep the cows happy.


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